‘Conversations’ is a collection of slip casted ceramic forms representing ‘conversations’ with my own retrospectives upon experiences, ramblings or conclusions upon womanhood. After casting each piece is individually manipulated by hand: dropped on top of each other, squeezed, punched and so on. With these methods, I have projected them onto the clay to convey and capture the texture or surface quality of a feeling or experience. Prior to firing, the forms are individually smoothed; achieving a polished surface, evoking sensual sensations when touching the pieces. My works have been informed with female life drawings, paintings, writings and audio recordings to capture the emotional honesty and expression from my retrospectives upon experiences, ramblings or conclusions. The way in which I manipulate its piece, leaving my mark upon the is a syntax of feeling and experience. How all the individual pieces are arranged impacts upon the individual conversations of each piece and how they interact with each other, indicated by their distance that they are organised.